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10.30.2019 Motta 1919-2019: one hundred years of avantgarde and modernity
10.03.2019 "I viaggi di Soccer". Tourism, culture, culinary pleasures and, of course, soccer
09.30.2019 UTET Grandi Opere provides its own scientific contribution to the new Master: Progettazione, Comunicazione e Management del Turismo Culturale
09.24.2019 Urban celebrates its 18 years with an issue entirely dedicated to the age of majority and with the birth of Urban Kids
09.20.2019 Soccer Illustrated is media partner of Milano CalcioCity, the first national event dedicated to football and football tells
09.19.2019 Yacht Capital is back in the newsstands with the first issue of the new course, on the occasion of the International Boat Show
09.12.2019 Cose Belle d’Italia Concept House, the new concept store for exclusive handcrafted products made in Italy
09.10.2019 The Bel Vivere Media team is strengthened with the entry of 4 new directors. Officine Italiane is born, the media agency of Bel Vivere Media
08.01.2019 The Lifestyle Journal is renewed: focus on eco-sustainability, environment, empowerment and human factor
07.31.2019 Announced the exhibition: Canova – Il viaggio a Carrara
06.27.2019 Yacht Capital renews itself and returns to newsstands in September 2019. In June, Yacht Design is also back, with a Special Issue dedicated to the debate on yacht design and the latest trends
06.17.2019 Riders Magazine: two new capsule collections
06.11.2019 Pitti Immagine Uomo 96: Urban Magazine and McArthurGlen together for “Una notte all’outlet”
05.09.2019 Bel Vivere Media grows and thinks about the future
05.08.2019 The Accademia della Crusca publishes the electronic version of the Grande Dizionario della Lingua Italiana by UTET Grandi Opere
04.19.2019 UTET Grandi Opere donates to the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, the volume “La Costituzione Italiana e il Palazzo della Consulta”
04.17.2019 UTET Grandi Opere donates to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte the volume “La Costituzione Italiana e il Palazzo della Consulta”
04.15.2019 Partnership between Bel Vivere Media and Magister for the sponsorship of great exhibitions formats
04.09.2019 Antonio Canova. The sign of beauty will be presented in Amalfi
04.08.2019 Il Mondo del Golf Today: a year of news and celebration
03.21.2019 Online two new websites: The Life Style Journal and Watch Digest
03.13.2019 Italy Illustrated in paper and digital format
03.08.2019 In march Amadeus is worth double
03.08.2019 C+ by Magister: immersive suggestions
02.21.2019 The volume on the Italian Constitution has been presented in the presence of Prime Minister Conte
12.13.2018 Arte Grand Tour, the new project for cultural immersion of Cose Belle d'Italia